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Last change June 8, 2022

1247 page bibliography by Doug Cass

Doug Cass's bibliography is a good reference for books and other materials about petroleum history. He updates it continually and we post the new version occasionally. It covers:

  • archival records
  • books and theses
  • articles
  • company histories
  • biographies and autobiographies
  • fiction, drama, poetry and music
  • humour
  • film, audio, video and exhibitions
  • book and film reviews
  • authors

Petroleum History Books for Sale

The Petroleum History Society has some books for sale. Most are donations and are duplicates of ones we already have in our library. Some are lightly used. They are $5 each plus shipping. We will advise you of the complete cost before shipping.

Contact if you are interested in any of these.

Books for sale by the Petroleum History Society


The Hunters
(about discovery of Elmworth gas field, Deep Basin trend)
John A. Masters

A Thousand Barrels a Second


The End of Energy Obesity


From the Beginning – Schlumberger’s History in Canada


Ned Gilbert - Geologist, Landman, Oil Sands Pioneer

Gilbert/ Finch

Northern Tigers


Oil City – Black Gold in Waterton Park
with Parks Canada brochure Tales of Mountain Oil


The Oil Sands – Canada’s Path to Clean Energy?


Torn in the USA


Our Petroleum Challenge 6th edition Petroleum Communications Foundation
Soul of Canada Historical Calendars 2008 and 2009

Roughnecks, Wildcats and Doodlebugs (VHS tape)


The Geography of the Canadian North




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